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D Griffin Studio is owned and operated by David Griffin and is based in the Washington DC area. The studio specializes in publication design and editing, branding design and strategy, and visual media consulting.

I have over 30 years of experience working for major publications in a variety of roles, most notably in design and photography. My passion is for story telling, editing, and design, which is not bound by any one form. I maintain broad connections to photographers, editors, graphic artists, and illustrators for any job that might require specialized skills. Having managed large visual teams, I am adept and reliable at project management. 

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A selection of my photography is represented by National Geographic Creative.


David Griffin bio

I am president of D Griffin Studio, Inc., founded in 2015.

Prior to this, I was Visuals Editor of The Washington Post, where I oversaw the design, photography and graphics teams, plus the visual design of the digital and video divisions.

Previously I was Executive Editor for E-Publishing at the National Geographic Society leading the editorial efforts of extending NG's print publications into mobile formats, specifically the launching of their flagship iPad app. Before taking on e-publishing, I was Director of Photography of National Geographic magazine.

My career has followed a winding path through a number of publications. I started as a photographer, moving to editing and design, eventually taking on greater directing and management responsibilities. I was Deputy Director of Photography of The Everett (WA) Herald; Art Director of The Hartford Courant; Art Director of Inquirer, the Sunday magazine of The Philadelphia Inquirer; Assistant Director of Design of National Geographic magazine; Design Director of NG Books; and Creative Director of U.S. News & World Report

I've photo edited and designed a number of books: "Cuba" by David Alan Harvey, two retrospectives with William Albert Allard, "Broken Empire" by Gerd Ludwig, "The Great Barrier Reef" by David Doubilet, "Ocean Soul" by Brian Skerry, "Tigers Forever" by Steve Winter, "Orbit: Photographs of the Earth by Nasa Astronauts," "National Geographic: The Photographs," and a series of nutrition related topics with photographer Peter Menzel. I also produced the iPad app: "50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic."

While individual awards rarely reflect the cooperative nature of journalism, I've had the honor of being recognized by a cross section of news, photo and design organizations. As an emerging photographer, I was named College Photographer of the Year, twice awarded the Gold medal for photography in the William Randolph Hearst student competition and was named Ohio Press Photographer of the Year for my work in college.

I have a degree in journalism from Ohio University and am an alumni of the Stanford Professional Publishing program. While in college, I worked internships at National GeographicThe Topeka Capital-JournalThe Courier-Journal and Louisville TimesThe (Everett, WA) HeraldThe Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune and The Kettering-Oakwood (OH) Times. (Yes, it took more than four years to get my degree.)

I did a TED talk which is close to hitting 1 million views (help put it over the top!).

I am currently the Secretary of the Jury of World Press Photo (a five year gig) and on the boards of the Eddie Adams Workshop, Look3: Festival of the Photograph (co-curated in 2012), the Virginia Quarterly Review; and am a nominator for the Prix Prictet.

I am married to Kathy Moran (Senior Editor for Natural History at National Geographic), and have a son, Kyle, who is cooling his jets before going back to college someday soon. We reside in Arlington, Virginia.



 Photo by  Kevin Horan

Photo by Kevin Horan