Far & Away

Far & Away, a collaboration between National Geographicand The Wall Street Journal, is a new magazine targeted for business travelers. It will appear in the weekend edition of WSJ on a regular basis (quarterly is the current plan, once it is up and humming).

I was given the opportunity to create the magazine from scratch, with a hope to blend the editorial voice of WSJ and the visual sense of Nat Geo. I will continue as Art Director.

The best reaction to the new pub came from a reader:

"I send my compliments to ... Far&Away.  Not only was it a fun and interesting read, the graphic and editorial design are excellent. In the last decade, I’ve seen far too many publications designed for the designer. They tend to employ techniques only because the desktop publishing system enables them. In your case, the F&A publication design is easy on the eyes and helps me, the reader, understand your content and enjoy the photos. The column widths are just right. I don’t need to search for captions, the photos are right sized, and hey, the stories are interesting too — although I would certainly expect that from National Geo and WSJ." — Lawrence Hincker, Blacksburg, VA

Client: National Geographicand The Wall Street Journal
Role: Art Director