I have been experimenting with the new visual narrative sharing application Storehouse. The most impressive aspects of this iPad program are the tools for very simply building a story with words and pictures. If you only look at what others have made, you are missing the greatest part--story creation.

I was later pleasantly surprised when the SH team contacted me and asked if they could use one of my images for the splash screen (which they plan to rotate). When they sent me a link, the image looked soft, so I asked them if I could submit a high res and they kindly agreed. That kind of attention to detail bodes well for this group.

On top of all of this, I just got the word that Jenna Pirog has been hired as their editorial director. Jenna, along with Andrew Owen, had been managing the Look3 photography festival in Charlottesville, VA until they decided to decamp, without any solid prospects, for San Fran. They are young, energetic and wanted to take a stab at the left coast scene. Andrew landed as events director for Instagram, and now Jenna at SH. These visual companies have secured two great voices in the photographic community.



AuthorDavid Griffin