Eddie Adams Workshop

The Eddie Adams Workshop is one of photojournalism's longest running programs for emerging photographers. Branding had grown organically over many years resulting in visual presence which did not clearly reflect the maturity of the workshop. We worked to remove many unnecessary elements to create a more simplified approach that was more flexible, particularly in the more restrictive space of social media.

Client: The Eddie Adams Workshop
Role: Branding and continued iteration

Related to the branding is the creation of an mobile phone app to replace a newspaper which was printed for each workshop. The print version, since it had to close a week ahead, was ultimately out-of-date when the workshop began. The app could be continually updated as inevitable, last-minute changes occurred.


Below: pages from the original pitch to the leadership of the workshop. Click on any to enlarge.

Below: Pages from the user guide to the most recent version of the logo. Click on any to enlarge